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Easy 4 Weeks Keto Diet Plan: Week 2 & 3

Week Two & Tree

After One week of following the simple Keto diet plan this is not an easy process, but one thing you should keep in mind: One of the most effective ways to get used to the new keto diet plan is to stick to nuts, cheese, and meat for snacking!
If you feel like snacking, stick to nuts, cheese, and meat. Cheese sticks that are wrapped up in ham or turkey, pepperoni, and salami are great snacks.

Week Two & Tree

If you have completed week 1of the keto diet plan, you would have cut out on potatoes, bread, pasta, beans, grains, rice, as well as sugar. You might have started to feel different in your body. After a week of your hard work, you will not crave carbs anymore, do not worry. 

Week 2

If you have completed week 1, you would have cut out on potatoes, bread, pasta, beans, grains, rice, as well as sugar. You might have started to feel different in your body. After a week of your hard work, you will not crave carbs anymore, do not worry. 

Similar to week 1, we recommend that you do not count calories in week two as well. Let your body get used to the reduced carbs before you begin cutting on calories as well. Carbs and calorie withdrawal together will be difficult for your body to adjust to. 

Both these withdrawals together are why people tend to leave the keto diet plan program in the middle. 

Important rules for week 2

Consuming only one fruit a day

Have only one fruit a day. This time is great to shift to low glycemic fruits like berries and avoid bananas and watermelons as they are high glycemic fruits. 

Keep 4-hour gaps between meals.

Avoid eating snacks as well in these 4-hour gaps. These gaps will help you keep your insulin low, thus helping you get into ketosis quickly. Eating causes the release of insulin. The release of insulin is equal to no burning of fat. If you feel hungry, you should opt to drink a glass of plain water. 

Drink a minimum of 64 oz of liquids during week two every day

You can use water to fill your stomach, hydrating and flush out all the toxins. Additionally, drinking plenty of water aids in the loss of fat. 

For week 2, you will be eating veggies, meat, cheese, bacon, nuts, avocados, and other medium protein-low carb meals. 

During week 2, you might feel:

  • Low energy, tired, and exhausted
  • Constipation
  • Headache
  • Moodiness and irritable 
  • Insomniac
  • Loss of concentration and brain fog

If you feel all of this in the second week of the ketogenic diet, it’s a sign that the diet is working. Your body is slowly getting used to using one kind of fuel to another. Make sure that you get in a lot of water as people often get dehydrated. 

Also, if you are no longer consuming highly processed food, you might be low in sodium. You must add sea salt to your diet so that you don’t cramp and get dehydrated. Sleep deprivation can also lead to the worsening of the keto flu. Do not get discouraged in your week 2. 

Week 3

Dependent on how aggressive you have been taking it, your body is switching over or has already switched over to burning fats over carbs. You can even test ketones with a ketone strip to know if your body is in ketosis yet. 

If you still are not in ketosis, it is time to reduce your carbs further. 

Rules for week 3 of the ketogenic diet

The rules for week 3 build on the existing rules of week 2. 


You must have cut fruit intake to just one fruit a day. Now it is time to completely cut out all fruits from your diet. Later on, you can start having berries, but for now, stop having any fruit till your body is comfortably not burning carbs and burning fat instead. 

Increase your fasting

Now, you need to start fasting for 12 hours between meals. Avoid eating snacks. If you are very hungry, drink water or a beverage with no sugar in it. You can also eat a keto fat bomb. 

Drink much more

You already need to be drinking 64 oz liquids every day. If you get sick of just drinking water, you can switch to sparkling water and green or black tea. You can even drink club soda and bone broth. 

Now is the time you need to start recording what you are eating. You can start tracking only carbs right now. 

How will I feel in week 3?

You would have gotten rid of the keto flu by now. Most people start losing weight by week 3, and they tend to start sleeping well and thinking better. People also say they now have more energy than week 2. 

If you don’t feel this yet, know that it will be coming ahead- just keep on reading:

week 4 & final notes


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