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Dry or Wet Dog Food Which Is Better

Are you feeding your dog dry food only because you have been told it prevents toxins and dental disease? Feeling guilty about adding packaged foods because of the problems it can cause? A dry diet does not prevent tooth decay, and water or canned foods do not cause dental problems. Writing down each dog’s food has advantages and disadvantages. Water and dry mix mixes the best food.


Adhering to a dry diet prevents tooth decay and chewing leads to tooth erosion to prevent tartar formation. It’s true, but dogs don’t eat their food! Anyone who has seen or got into dog litter knows that poison is like food, just water.

Like animals, dogs are killed and eaten at parties and competitive events. Individuals uprooted the body of the Swallow and returned to the valley for various reasons. Spending time eating grass today will be a daunting and possibly hungry task.

This diet has not changed in our modern dogs. Examination of modern dogs’ mouth reveals that they share the same sharp teeth that their ancestors ate. They hunt, maybe crack once, swallow and catch again. There is no dental cleaning during meals.

Dental calcification and food imprinting

Foxes and cats do not eat dry food. Studies show that their teeth are lower because pets provide them with commercial food, water, or dry food. The point is, tooth decay is more complicated than the type of food eaten. Insufficient food extraction and routine care. Toothpaste that cleans and absorbs hard toys has a greater impact on dental health than any other type of food. The owners can assure them that they can eat as much as they want without feeling guilty.

Dry dog food

The main advantage of dry food is its quality and price. Open the bag with a shovel, no mess. This makes traveling with the dog easier. It is also more expensive compared to liquid food. A 50-pound dog can get about 13 hours a day.

The main problem with dry food is its size and not allowing dogs to eat when they are sick.

All dry food ingredients are added to a large water repellent plant. This means that any type of protein, carbohydrate, or fat can be used. This is why this method is better for consuming meats, grains, and processed foods, and for the dead and dead animals that sell them than cutting meats, whole grains, and vegetables.

When the heating element arrives in time and the heat exchangers turn on the temperature. When water exits the exhaust, the cold air causes it to “exit” in different ways depending on the template of the exit path. The dry food is then soaked in oil and vitamins before entering the bag to make up for some of the food lost in these two thermodynamic systems.

Dry food won’t “burst” without adequate carbohydrates. This is why dry dog food tends to be lower in protein and high in carbohydrates compared to liquid or canned food.

Although dogs eat dry food when they are healthy, they will rarely eat it when they are sick. Refusing to eat may lower your nutritional status and ability to recover. The low profile generally leaves these dogs untreated after taking them to the vet. Would you eat wheat without milk if you were sick?

Packaged dog package

The main advantage of canned food is its sweetness and quality. Only a sick little dog will not refuse canned food. When liquid food is mixed with dry food, dogs eat more heart. A delicious range of canned foods that allow for variety and cuisine. Food is higher in protein than dry food. In canning, the food is cooked in a seal so that it can be destroyed during the heating process.

The main result of liquid water is that it is more expensive than dry food. Many owners also reject top of canned food and are reluctant to put the cans in the fridge. It definitely opens up a more complex package than putting it in a bag.

Why don’t we give them both?

Since food is not a cause of decay, why not cook your dog’s food with a mixture of packaged and dry food? Winter increases the temperature, flavor and zest of food. Add dry food costs and cut back. Everyone wins. Eating a water diet can help keep your dog hungry during illness.


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