Hey there, my name is Erez, I’m a loving husband, a super dad, and a Gluten-free fan for over seven years now.

About GlutenFreeFan

I started this blog to share my story, recommendations, and perspective on gluten-free living.

You will find GlutenFreeFan.com interesting if you are Gluten intolerant, suffer from Celiac disease, but not only!

If you decide to try out the Paleo or Keto diet, or just (like me) you realized that giving up Gluten will improve your life so you should read further.

You can read about how I became a Gluten-free Fan and here I will do my best to be your guide to gluten free living.

Join The journey

I started out the journey to provide ideas and the passion for helping health-conscious and gluten-sensitive individuals becoming healthier.

My nutritional experiences basically trigger me to undergo intense research and provided me with the impetus to make hard work and desire into a growing and progressing blog that lands in various Google positions. Serving hundreds of places in every corner of the online world, I am thrilled to be a part of the incredible extension of the health-conscious community.

I will share my experience, insights, recipes, and product recommendations that I hope you’ll find beneficial.

I hope you enjoy our gluten-free product options, food preparations, healthy diet guides and enjoy each of the substantiated word written from the start to finish.

If you liked what you read, your comment will be highly appreciated so feel free to share us your thoughts.

I Wish You a happy Gluten-Free living!